Proposed Amendments

The TIP is an ever-evolving list of transportation priorities. It changes on a regular basis to include new projects or project phases. A TIP modification is any change that is made between full updates of the TIP. There are three types of TIP modifications: (1) amendments, (2) administrative modifications, and (3)technical corrections. RRTPO coordinates modifications with VDOT and DRPT to ensure consistency between the TIP and the STIP. All completed modifications are listed on the impacted project page and in a separate Amendments and Adjustments document on the RRTPO website for easy reference.

TIP amendments are the most significant type of TIP modification. An amendment involves a major change to a project. Some examples of TIP amendments include:

All amendments are made available for public review and comment consistent with the Public Engagement Plan. Amendments require an updated demonstration of fiscal constraint and, if the project is not exempt, a determination of air quality conformity. Amendments are incorporated into the STIP and are subject to Federal approval.